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Make Change by Communication - We believe in sustainability of **development cooperation projects**. Therefore quality and coherence are essential to reach targets and to show results. To support we provide with modern methods and instruments


Capacity Development, Impact, Sustainability - we do quality supports you on Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E), as well as on drafting proposals for projects and programes of International Development Cooperation. We are also available as Advisors and Trainers.

Languages: English, Portuguese, French, German


  • Fact Finding / Research
  • Participative Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • (integrated) Advice
  • development of innovative training concepts and material; IEC production
  • Facilitator and Training
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M+E), Gender Analysis


  • Reproductive Health, (family planning, HIV; TB)
  • Good Governance and transparency, political participation on central, decentralized and local level
  • Climate Change Adaption, Disaster Risk Prevention/Management
  • Decentralisation, Institutional Development
  • Economic Development
  • Gender Equality

Cross Cutting Issues

  • Political / Strategic Communication
  • Educative Communication, Training
  • Knowledge Management,
  • organizational communication
  • Gender Equality
  • HIV Mainstreaming

Tools and Instruments

  • qualitative and quantitative evaluation methodologies
  • Focus Group, Bellwether, QaP, SWOT, RoM;
  • HCD, CW,
  • C4D; Behaviour Change (BCC)
  • innovative and new technology monitoring approaches

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