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Make Change by Communication - We believe in sustainability of **development cooperation projects**. Therefore quality and coherence are essential to reach targets and to show results. To support we provide with modern methods and instruments


Capacity Development, Impact, Sustainability - we do quality supports you on Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E), as well as on drafting proposals for projects and programes of International Development Cooperation. We are also available as Advisors and Trainers.

Languages: English, Portuguese, French, German


  • Fact Finding / Research
  • Participative Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • (integrated) Advice
  • development of innovative training concepts and material; IEC production
  • Facilitator and Training
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M+E), Gender Analysis


  • Reproductive Health, (family planning, HIV; TB)
  • Good Governance and transparency, political participation on central, decentralized and local level
  • Climate Change Adaption, Disaster Risk Prevention/Management
  • Decentralisation, Institutional Development
  • Economic Development
  • Gender Equality

Cross Cutting Issues

  • Political / Strategic Communication
  • Educative Communication, Training
  • Knowledge Management,
  • organizational communication
  • Gender Equality
  • HIV Mainstreaming

Tools and Instruments

  • qualitative and quantitative evaluation methodologies
  • Focus Group, Bellwether, QaP, SWOT, RoM;
  • HCD, CW,
  • C4D; Behaviour Change (BCC)
  • innovative and new technology monitoring approaches

Paper-2-Digital - tools for project monitoring in challenging project provides tailor made digital survey solutions for quantitative project data collection. We use server in EU to assure the best possible quality and privacy. Using responsive design and providing the possibility to digitally store and analyse handwritten and paper-based data, these tools are very well suited to be used in developing and emerging contexts and rural areas. Have a look to our project server.

This web site is hosted climate neutrallyWebpage hosted climate neutrally in EU/Germany

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