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Survey Test Field

 Paper 2 Digital - from pen to provides tailor made digital survey solutions for quantitative data collection. We use server in the EU to assure the best possible quality and privacy. The tools are very well suited to be used in developing and emerging countries and rural areas.

Paper forms to digital data

The Paper-to-Digital tool combines paper based forms with digital data collection: Fill paper forms anywhere in the world and get the data digitalized almost in real time. We use special pens which register the collected data of up to a 1.000 forms. Connect the pen to a smart phone or with any computer - and within seconds you can evaluate all collected data using statistic applications or Spreadsheet Software. Animated .gif files let you also see, how the paper form was filled. The good thing is: your local partners still have the paper forms i.e. for documentation purposes while you can analyse the digital version of the data. The tool is used for example by the OSCE for election observation missions. CoResult provides the paper2digital service in cooperation with European partners. See the short video and/or ask us for more information.

Responsive Online Survey

Our LimeSurvey installation provides full access to all type of questions and comprehensive data export options, such as csv, xlsx and statistic formats. LimeSurvey uses responsive designs and can be used with smart phones. The surveys can be implemented in multiple languages. The data are saved on servers in Germany/EU and the connection uses HTTPS. You can either manage your own survey or ask us to do the work for you. Have a look to our demo version.

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