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Studie AIZ 2023  D. Cohn, M. Hanitzsch, (AIZ, 2023): Qualitative Studie: Bewertung der Ausreisevorbereitung aus der Praxiserfahrung – Nutzen und Wirkungen; Akademie für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (AIZ), Bonn (Kurzfassung)
Calendrier Genre en Français – Gender Calendar in English – Calendario Genero Portugues, 2023 – download all langues as zip-compressed PDF Gender Calendar Poster 2023 with international memorial and celebration days – for Gender Mainstreaming in English, French and Portuguese → (Overview)
 2023: Applying a Human Rights and Gender Equality Lens to the OECD Evaluation Criteria    OECD (2023), Applying a Human Rights and Gender Equality Lens to the OECD Evaluation Criteria, OECD Publishing, Paris,
DEval hrba evaluation Literature Review 2022 HRBA Evaluation - video DEval: Human Rights based evaluation: Literature Review 2022, Resource List 2021, (Concept 2023), Video 12/2022 (EN) & Video (DE)
Gender Manual Portuguese 2021 - Guião Género Health Manual, Guião Saúde / HIV 2021 Health and Gender Training Manuals with training approaches for virtual and presencial sessions in Portuguese – Guiões para facilitar formações de Género e de Saúde/HIV em Portugues - para sessões virtuais e presencais; 2020-2022.
Case Study on Inclusive Business to empower women in rural and semi-urben context Baobab collectors and pre-producers in the Mozambican province Manica and of Chicken grower in Maputo. 2021
Calendrier en Français, 2020 calendario em Portugues, 2020 Calendar Poster 2020 with international celebration and memorial days – for Gender Mainstreaming.1)
Vs. Français: haute résolution / définition 300dpi (13 MB zip'ed PDF)
Vs. Portuguesa: alta resolução (300dpi) (13 MB zip'ed PDF)
Vs. English: 300dpi-high-resolution-version (13 MB zip'ed PDF)
all versions via dropbox
project documentation 2014-2019 in English Project documentation 2014-2019 in English Documentação do fim do Projecto - End-of-project report: Good Practices, documentation of approaches, results, interviews from the Health Focus Workplace Program 2013-2019 with the Mozambican Education Ministry; strengthening systematic HIV prevention among teacher and education sector public servants (PT, 2019)2)
Calendário em Portugues, 2019 Workplace Program Calender 2019 in English Calendar Poster 2019 with international celebration and memorial days and with physical exercises for office workers - for workplace programme Focal Persons and better Wellbeing at the workplace. (PT, FR, EN, 2018/2019: Download all language versions as a zip.)3)
ESA Case Studies Brochure (English)Brochura sobre Boas Práticas na Saúde Reproductiva em Moçambique 2nd editionCase Studies and Good Practices on Sexual Reproductive Health in Moçambique with a focus on Gender Equality issues as well as monitoring and management mechanisms; official publication of the Mozambican multisectoral youth initiative GeraçãoBIZ (Ministries of Health, Education, Youth, Gender); with Health Focus and the support of GIZ (PT, EN, 20184))
Second Edition (EN)
Calendário em Portugues, 2018 Download English version 2018 Calendar Poster 2018 with celebration and memorial days - for workplace programme Focal Persons (PT, FR, EN, 2017/2018; English Version 2018)5)
Edition 2017-2019 Edition 2014-2015 Manual as a calendar for HIV and Workplace Programme Focal Points in the Education Sector, edition 20146) and 20177) and as web page with Health Focus (PT, 2014-2018)
step by step instructionseducational material for training sessions „Guião para facilitadores de debates“: Step-by-Step instruction for HIV and Health Focal Persons, with material IEC such as cards and information material for training sessions; (PT, 20178))
Review of radio sessions story book and CD cover desgin, published by MZ's public radio RM, Health Focus9) (PT, 2016)
Cards - rights for HIV+ and workplace cards - memory game with HIV campaigns Card games: Guess and learn the rights of PLWH and „Memory“ - remember posters and slogans from Mozambican HIV campaigns (PT, 2015)
Poster - step by step instruction: how to prepare and manage a health market, Feira de Saúde (PT, 2014)
Motivation Poster w/ sloganPoster about rights against discrimination (HIV) Poster promoting rights against discrimination (PT, 2014)

Poster presentation of HIV prevention and positive living and desaster risk management for conferences and evaluation (EN, 2015)
poster presentation of gender and desaster risk management for conferences and evaluation Poster presentation of gender and desaster risk management approaches of GIZ for the Third International Climate Change Adaptation Conference in Brazil (EN, 2014)
Entwicklung der Präsentation eines Ansatzes zu gendersensiblem HIV-Mainstreaming und zur Sensibilisierung zu Gesundheitsaspekten. Zielgruppe des Projektes sind lokale Ko­mi­tees der Katastrophen-Vorsorge; Zielgruppe der Präsentation waren eine Konferenz in Brasilien und Deutschland.
Manual „Good Communications“ - guide for quality in Mozambican HIV communication10) (PT, 2013)
Multilingual City Map for the African Games 2011 including HIV prevention messagesMultilingual City Map as a measure to spread HIV prevention messages to the international visitors of the All Africa Games 2011
Mozambique HIV prevalence per province in 2011 (2009) Mozambique HIV prevalence per province in 2011 (data from 2009)

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w/ C. Gélineau/ (Design; Lang: FR) & S. Ferreira (Language PT/EN)
w/ S. Ferreira (Language PT); Design C. Reiprich/HF))
w/ C. Gélineau (Design) & S. Ferreira (Language)
6) , 10)
w/ S. Ferreira
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w/ C. Gélineau (Desgin) & S. Ferreira (Language)
Radio Stories & Production: M. Barroso