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… supports since 2013 development projects and organisations in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia as an advisor, evaluator and as trainer. Main areas are gender equity in various sectors, projects in the fields of governance and economic development, education and climate change. Before he gained solid experience as an integrated long-term advisor of a Governmental HIV Institution in a south-east-African country.1)

In the past he advised parliamentarians, small sized enterprises and foundations, he worked more than 15 years as journalist and chief editor, but also as scientific researcher and trainer in Germany, Portugal and France. During his study of Contemporary History and Political Science (M.A.) in Berlin and Paris, he focussed on the interaction and influences of processes, structures and stakeholders.
He attended certified short course2)) which enrich and complete his profile.

Partner’s Expertise

Often quality becomes better, if a process of planning or evaluation, a training or strategy development is implemented by a team. Therefore we cooperate with experts from the fields of

  • TrainingProject management, marketing, business development
  • transversal subjects (“Mainstreaming”) e.g. Gender, Public Health and HIV
  • Sociologists, ethnologists, legal scholars, political scientists, educationalists
  • Agenda 2030, sustainable economic development, good governance, decentralization; education
  • organizational development; adaptation to climate change, rural development and nutrition
  • C4D-Experts, Journalists, moderators, graphic designers, media producers
  • Mother-tongue speakers from lusophone and francophone regions

Member of DeGEval - Gesellschaft für Evaluierungstrategy development and implementation, IEC analyses and development, participative planning and sector monitoring
short courses at GIZ and AiZ: Result oriented Monitoring, Policy Advice, intercultural negotiation and presentation
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