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ICON Institute, Germany Evaluation of the “Internship Programme of the German Business for the Western Balkans”: joint initiative of the German Eastern Business Association (OAOEV), the GIZ and the BMZ (in Serbia also with the Zoran Djindjic Foundation) follows an educational and transnational approach contributing to confidence-building between Western Balkans and EU. 2019/2020

GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (formerly GTZ) Gender analysis for the project “Promotion of employment-intensive export activities… in Tunisia 2020

Two trainings in Gender Equity and Equality in Niger and Democratic Republic of Congo on gender mainstreaming in GIZ project approaches and procedures, implementation of gender analyses and integration of its outcomes on strategic and operational level; monitoring and visibility. 2019

 Health Focus - Germany/Mozambique

Final documentation/report of Health Focus’ 6 years’ workplace programme with the Mozambican education ministry and its provincial and district delegation since 2013. Development and presentation of lessons learnt (PDF). 2019

GIZ (formerly GTZ)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Advisor on Cross Cutting Issues – integration of Gender Equality/Equity and HIV prevention into approaches, strategic and operational planning and RoM of GIZ Programms, e.g. Economic Development, Good Governance, Governance of Natural Resources, Primary and Vocational Education, Climate Change Adaption, Transboundary Water Management. Gender Analyses, trainings. 2015-2021

Engagement Global

Evaluation of the ENSA programme “Entwicklungspolitischer Schulaustausch” aiming for school partnerships. Evaluation of the needs of German school teachers in order to promote sustainable school partnerships with the Global South (OECD and DAC countries). “Entwicklungspolitischer Schulaustausch” TL, w/ M. Rudolph, F. Seitlinger; 2019

GIZ – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (formerly GTZ)
Central Project Evaluation of the „Sectoral Programme – 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development“. The evaluation focus is on the GIZ’s support to the BMZ national and international processes regarding the Agenda 2030. The evaluation also sets an eye on pilot projects and mainstreaming of the SDG principals in development cooperation. The evaluation applies GIZ’s reformed procedure including for example Contribution Analyses. TL: I. Worm; 2019

Deutsche Welle Akademie
Deutsche Welle Akademie Mid-Term- and Final Evaluation of the program “Beyond Radicalisation: Youth in Lebanon Speak Up!”, funded by EU and AA. The program aims to contribute to Peace Building and conflict prevention. Therefore, it strengthens civic and political participation by enhancing youth’s capacities in Media and Information Literacy (MIL) in Lebanon, by applying a cascading ToT-approach. 2017 & 2019

GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (formerly GTZ) Gender analyses and support to the GIZ’s Safeguards+Gender process for EnDev and the „Green People’s Energy Project“ in Mozambique. 2019

GOPA consulting Monitoring and evaluation of GIZ’s programme “Hospital Partnerships – Partners Strengthen Health”: data collection advisor; TL: J. Koy, 2019

Misereor Center of Studies for Peace and Development, Timor-Leste/DiliEvaluation of CEPAD’s KKN project, which aims to strengthen transparency and governance mechanisms and to raise awareness among civil society against corruption, collusion and nepotism in East-Timor. Therefore the project promotes a multi-stakeholder dialogue between government and civil society and informs about the Freedom of Information Act. TL, w/ T.K. Oey; 2018

GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit Assessment of partner organizations and institutions of two GIZ programs “Urban Management and Climate Change induced Domestic Migration” and “Energy Efficiency and Grid Integration of Renewable Energy” in Bangladesh. Recommendations for program approaches and for the placement of international integrated experts. 2018

ICON Institute, Germany ICON Evaluation of DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst - German Academic Exchange Service’s “Helmut Schmidt”-Scholarship Program (HSP). The AA-funded PPGG-program provides scholarships to students from selected OECD/DAC-countries. It aims to enable future leaders to contribute to democratic development; and for the internationalisation of German universities. Quantitative and qualitative research methods to collect experiences of 700 international students, universities’ staff and other stakeholders. TL; 2017/2018

GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit Support to the monitoring of the regional program “Sports for Development” in Mozambique: Adaption of the monitoring and evaluation forms and the interview guidelines according with local needs and skills. Pre-test application and support to the S4D project team during the field phase. Conduct data analyses and reporting. 2018+2019

 Health Focus - Germany/Mozambique
Health Focus Support to the ESA regional programm´s support package on SRH: Strengthening the access of youths to information and services on reproductive health. Documentation of Good Practices from civil society and public services; recommendations for the improvement of the national monitoring mechanism and for the strategy development process of the multisectoral Mozambican Youth Initiative PGB. w/ A.Floriano, J.Matsinhe; 2017/2018

GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
GIZ Implementation of the first joint KAPB survey with about 2,000 GIZ employees in 10 sub-Saharan African countries. The multilingual online survey provides a baseline and monitoring data for perceptions and attitudes towards gender and LGBTI, inclusion of people living with disabilities and/or with HIV and general well-being. 2017/2018, w/ J. Lorey-Wagner


Misereor Evaluation of the first joint Lenten Campaign during the fasting period of the Brazilian CFE (by CONIC) and the German FA (by MISEREOR). The campaign focused on the mutual responsibility for rights and justice. The objectives of the evaluation are to gather conclusions for future joint campaigns. (TL: S.Höck) 2016

GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit Micro Evaluation. Final report of a program, which aims to strengthen transparency and Good Governance in the extractive sector in Mozambique. The BMZ and DFAT financed project focussed on HCD, the EITI process and enabled communities for local political and civic participation. 2016/2017

Health Focus, Potsdam Planning, evaluation of communication approaches for an HIV workplace programme for the education sector; participative development of educational communication strategy and IEC; training manuals for HIV Focal Points and of Health Technicians. (→ 2013-2017

GIZ (formerly GTZ) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Fact Finding Mission for the launch of a Health System Strengthening Program in Sierra Leone. The program aims to strengthen the inter-ministerial Board of Nursery and Midwifery, Schools of Midwifery and the National Commission of People with Disabilities to strengthen access to and quality of maternal and child health services. 2016

Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo - ADPP - Development Aid People to People ADPP Final Evaluation of ADPP‘s CHAPANI project on nutrition and health/HIV prevention in fishery communities in Nacala (.mz). CHAPANI aimed to strengthen the capacity of ±30.000 people to achieve healthier/varied household diets and Behaviour Change. The 3-year-project was/is complementary to ProPesca IDPPE, International Fund for Agricultural Developmentfinanced by EU/IFAD for boosting the fishing productivity. 2015

GIZ (formerly GTZ) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit PEV – Final Evaluation of the EU financed HIV Program. The program aimed to implement and support the decentralization of public governance structures for the coordination of Civil Society (NGO/CBO), Public and Private Sector in the area of HIV prevention and mitigation. (TL: A.Q.Souza) 2016

 Health Focus Health Focus, Potsdam Advice and recommendations for implementation and sustainability of the Work-Place-Programme in the Mozambican Education Sector. Moderation of a stakeholder workshop, e.g. with ministries of education, health, public service. 2015 MINEDH, Mozambique

GIZ (formerly GTZ) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Disaster Risk Management: Recommendations on improvement of information sharing mechanism between information providers, decision-makers and end-users for flood alerts and warnings; Instituto Nacional de Gestão de Calamidadesbased on a multi-level stakeholder workshop. 2015


Misereor, Analysis, review, recommendations and summery of ±47 evaluations from the year 2014 for the Annual Evaluation Report 2014 and new editorial presentation concept. 2014/2015

Engagement Global: Team Leader of the evaluation of the Host City Programme for sustainable urban development by cooperation between Brasilian and German municipalities during the preparation of the 2014 FIFA World Cup (TL, with S.Neymeyer, S.Höck / EOP-Evaluation, M.Pinheiro). 2014/2015

Belgian Red Cross Flanders International Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen Team Leader of two evaluations of Cruz Vermelha Moçambiquecommunity based health projects (sanitation, HIV etc.) on provincial level and of a project on institutional development of the Mozambican Red Cross’ First Aid Department. (w/ S. Ferreira). 2013

Heifer International, Armenia Heifer International, Armenia: Participative Planning (concept) of sustainability of a network of youth clubs on extracurricular education, political participation, business development; 2013.


EOP Evaluations - S.Höck

Madiba Consult AGdD - Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Entwicklungsdienste - Agency of Development Services

former DED now merged with GTZ -> GIZ
Integrated AdvisorConselho Nacional de Combate ao SIDA Development Service
Long Term Advisor 2009-…

GTZ - Geselschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (now GIZ) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (and Development Service), integrated advisor and project management multisectoral HIV project; sector monitoring system, manuals, training, on-the-job-coaching Long Term Advisor …-2013

Training Manuals & Handbooks

IECTraining Manuals, Print and Online for GIZ and Health Focus; MINEDH, MISAU, CNCS - on Health Awareness, HIV Prevention; systematic PME; quality guidelines on “Good Communication”.    

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