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Gender Equality

Integração de Género

nos Programas – troca de informações para os Pontos Focais de Género da GIZ em Moçambique1)

Género e Calamidades

:!: Gender and (post-) Disaster :!:

para Sofala, Cabo Delgado e Tete

Titulo titleFonte, Língua
source, lang.
UNWOMEN 2016: Crisis response and recovery „During crises, such as conflict or disasters, women often endure extreme hardships, such as increased violence and insecurity, restricted mobility and additional care, domestic and livelihood responsibilities.“ UNWOMEN,EN
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (2019): 2018-2019 Mozambique Humanitarian Response Plan (November 2018 - June 2019) & UN (2009): Making Disaster Risk Reduction Gender-Sensitive & „Women, Gender Equality and Climate ChangeUN,EN
Action against Hunger / UKAID (2018): Women's Leadership in Disaster Preparedness (PDF): „Women leaders at grassroots level are seen to play three unique roles during disasters: first, they often have social networks that can be used to improve preparedness and response. Second, women’s caregiving responsibilities equip them with the ability to identify the most vulnerable groups in their communities and to know what their needs are. And third, there are examples of women holding local and traditional forms of knowledge that are considered to be crucial to preparedness.“UKAID…, EN
Mais informações: Gender & Disaster Network GDNonline, EN
UN (2009): Making Disaster Risk Reduction Gender-Sensitive UN, EN
UNDP (2003), Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery: Gender and Disasters: „Not only is the percentage of women and girls who die higher in these countries, but the incidence of gender-based violence – including rape, human trafficking and domestic abuse — is also known to increase exponentially during and after disasters. Most disasters place an undue burden on women and girls who are responsible for unpaid work such as providing care, water and food for households. Yet, the same destructive forces of disasters also create opportunities for women as agents of change. Disasters can also provide an opportunity to redress gender disparities. For example, during the recovery period following a disaster, longstanding biases against women can be challenged by programmes that are sensitive to their needs and that involve them as equal partners in recovery work.“ UNDP, EN
UNICEF: Gender and emergencies: „Existing gender inequalities may be exacerbated while changing gender roles in times of crises can also create new or additional disparities. … Social norms, discriminatory practices in registration and lack of information regarding benefits can contribute to gender inequality in the course of aid distribution. Experience … has shown that humanitarian interventions that radically alter gender roles in emergencies through, for example, giving women greater control over food distribution, may lead to unexpected negative consequences, including increased gender-based violence.“ UNICEF, EN
Bridge - Development / Gender: Five reasons why gender matters for migrants' rights and “Gender and MigrationBridge, UKAID, EN
Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, EU et. al: Disaster Recovery Guidance Series – Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Disaster Recovery EU, EN
Eurpean Union: Gender PDNA Guidelines, Volume B: Cross-Cutting Sector → p. 23: „Assessment of Disaster Impact“ EU, EN
WHO (2018): Gender, health and the 2030 agenda for sustainable development OMS, EN
GMPIS: Grupo de Mulheres de Partilha de Ideias de Sofala Sofala Women’s Group for Sharing Ideas, (Facebook)2) source/fonte: Hanlon Newsletter 451

Actores & Contactos

contacts Stakeholder & Contacts

Titulo titleobs lang/date
:!: Lista de ONGs de Género em Moçambique - Gender Organizations MZ
:!: Membros da Liga de ONGs em Moçambique - Gender Organizations MZ
:!:Mapeamento de ONGs em Moçambique incluindo Associações de Género e seus contactos; realizado pela Delegação da UE (Mapping)
List of international Gender Consultants
Moçambique: Ministério do Género, Criança e Acção Social (MGCAS)3/2017 não disponível
Conselho Nacional de Acção Social e Mulher - Gender Council (CNAM)
Fórum Mulher
Organização da Mulher Moçambicana (OMM)
Justa Paz“ - Centro de Estudo e Transformação de Conflitos, Matola; inclue Género e Governação
Femme Moçambique - Empresárias Mocambicanas 3/2017 Server offline
Organisação “Women and Law in Southern Africa” (WLSA)tem muitos estudos disponível
Organisação “Homens para Mudança” (HOPEM) vs. PDF. HOPEM é membro da rede MenEngage
Associação Moçambicana para o Desenvolvimento da Família (AMODEFA)…e na Facebook
Association for Rural Women and Development (AMRU)
Association of Mozambican Professional and Business Women (ACTIVA)
Associação Moçambicana para Mulheres Chefes de Familia (AMOCHEFA)
Organisação Lambda Moçambique, the Association for Sexual Minority Rights in Mozambique; LGBT rights
(Base de dados sobre organisações da sociedade civil…… - Moçambique FAO, PT

Estudos & Boas Practicas

Estudos Género Research & Good Practices

Titulo titleFonte, Data, Língua
source, lang/date
Avogados sem Fronteiras (Canada): „Impacto dos conflitos armados na vida das mulheres e raparigas em Moçambique - Relatório da Pesquisa de Campo nas Províncias de Nampula, Zambézia, Sofala e Gaza; 2018/2019 2019, PT
Presença de Mulheres em lugares de decisão em Moçambique nos anos 2014 e 2018 segundo o Jornal „A Verdade“ 2019, PT
ProMundo Vários estudos sobre Equidade de Gênero e Masculinidade & Paternidade em África, Brasil e Meio Oriente 2019, PT, (FR)
:!: Equal Measures 2030 (EM2030) SDG Gender Index – „The 2019 EM2030 SDG Gender Index includes 51 indicators across 14 of the 17 official Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and covers 129 countries across all regions of the world. Each goal in the index is covered by three to five indicators“: “Introducing the 2019 EM2030 SDG Gender Index„ (PDF (english), PDF Espanhol) 2019, EN, FR, ES
Making health training institutions gender-responsive: A Gender Audit Toolbox from Liberia shows how this can be done„ / Gender and health workforce bibliography BMZ, 2019, EN
Gender Factsheet Mozambique 2018 (Att.: contains outdated and secondary data);
USAID and Gender; Renewable Energy & Gender
“Gender in German Development” - Gender Knowledge Platform (Moçambique 2017: page 14) GIZ,EN, (DE)
:!:Estatisticas de Género em Moçambique” - Dados estatísticos recolhido pela ONUmulheres com o Ministério de Género, Criança e Acção Social (MGCAS) (selecção) MGCAS, UNwomen,PT
„O Empoderamento Sócio-económico das Mulheres em Moçambique“: Folheto; e breves videos: “Ser empreendedora em Moçambique: decisões, papéis, oportunidades„, “O empoderamento das mulheres em Moçambique: o caso do PESEDPESED, 2017, PT (+EN)
Documentos das Formações para Pessoas Focais de Género em Moçambique (Espaço interno/Actas)GIZ, 2014-2018, PT
Governo de Moçambique: GeraçãoBIZ / raparigaBIZ – “Action for Girls and Young Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Mozambique„, UN Joint Programme Mozambique Report May 2016 – April 2017 MZ, UN, 2017, EN
Mainstreaming cross-cutting issues – Lessons from DAC Peer Reviews (mainstreaming: cross-cutting issues advancing gender equality and environmental sustainability)OECD, 2014, EN
The UN Practitioners’ Portal on Human Rights Based Approach to Programming – Gender UN/HRBA, 2015, EN
Interparliamentary Union - IPU: Youths, Women in Governments and Parliaments and more publications 2008-2019+, EN, FR
„Audiovisuelle Diversität? Geschlechterdarstellungen in Film und FernsehenStudie der Universität Rostock2017, DE
GIZ: Urbanet - Gender in urban context2017…, DE
UNICEF Gender Stats Mozambique UNICEF, EN
WDI World Development Indicators (incl. Gender) - many financial data from the World Bank Group crossed with social data; Smartphone Apps (e.g. Gender, Health), Introdução, Estatisticas, Ranking, Report; +Financial InclusionWorld Bank, EN
Gender and Energy WB gender collaboration group Worldbank, EN
Gender Inequality Index (GII) UNDP, EN
The Global Gender Gap Report, World Economic Forum World Economic Forum, 2016…, EN
Social Institutions and Gender Index OECD, EN
UN Women - Publications EN
Wiki-Gender: Mozambique EN
UNECA - Gender & Statistics: Overview & Areas of Action; 2016 GENDER SCORECARD: WOMEN’S RIGHTS IN AFRICA WHERE DOES THE CONTINENT STAND? 2016…, EN
How inclusive is inclusive business for women? - Examples from Asia and Latin AmericaADB/ENDEVA, 2016, EN
Replicating Eco-Inclusive Business ModelsSEED/ENDEVA, 2016, EN
Examples Gender Good Practices – documentation / publication on 2016'th gender week events, including gender competition and “Gender in the Agenda 2030” GIZ, 9/2016, EN
Inquérito de Indicadores de Imunização, Malária e HIV/SIDA em Moçambique (IMASIDA) Relatório de Indicadores Básicos 2015, incluindo dados relatívo à género e gravidez precoceMISAU, 8/2016, PT
TRANSFORM – The magazine for gender-responsive evaluation; UN Women, EN
Gender and FinanceMFW, EN
United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner: Annual reports - Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights (incl. Gender) ONU
International Labour Organisation: Gender Mainstreaming in Local Economic Development Strategies ILO, 2010, EN
How digitization of payments, transfers, and remittances contributes to the G20 goals of broad-based economic growth, financial inclusion, and women’s economic empowerment BMF, WBG, 2014, EN
Gender Mainstreaming in Practice – Nine examples of good practice from four continents Brot für die Welt, 2010, EN
GIZ Gender Weeks e Gender Competition - projectos / ideias no mundo GIZ, 2015, 2016, 2017
EFA Global Monitoring Report GenderTeaching and Learning: achieving quality for all UNESCO, 2014/2015, EN
Powerful synergies – Gender Equality, Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability UNDP, 2012, EN
Os Impactos da Implementação dos Megaprojectos de Hidrocarbonetos na Promoção da Igualdade de Género e dos Direitos das Mulheres e das Raparigas em Cabo Delgado (Versão Resumida) UN Women / ONU Mulheres, UNICEF, AECID, AACID 2014
Gender and Property Rights: A Critical Issue in Urban Economic Development 2011, EN
Mozambique SPEED - Gender Integration Report (for USAID), (SPEED: Support Program for Economic and Enterprise Development) USAID, 2014, EN
Food Security Portal: Gender and Land in Mozambique: Who Holds the Power? EN
:!:Perfil de Género em Moçambique, (completo); Mozambique Gender Profile - Executive Summery 2/2016, PT/EN
UNECA Gender Country Profiles Mozambique 2016, EN
:!: Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN: Gender and Land Rights Database, Regularly-updated country profiles / Base de dados sobre leis, estratégias, organisações da sociedade civil, estatisticas… - Moçambique FAO, EN, PT
LEARNING SERIES #1 – Lauren Hendricks, CARE USA and Patrick Meagher, IRIS: Women’s Property Rights and Inheritance in Mozambique: Report of Research and Fieldwork CARE, IRIS, ¿2008?, EN
WOMEN’S ACCESS TO FINANCIAL SERVICES IN MOZAMBIQUE - REPORT - (Results from Qualitative Research Conducted in Maputo, Gaza, Tete and Nampula Provinces) for
UKAID, 01/2014, EN
UN Women - Gender-sensitive development cooperation hands-on: The success of gender-responsive budgeting and planning UN Women, 12/2012
Rede de Género no sul da África: Genderlinks EN / PT
Comissão Africana dos Direitos Humanos e dos Povos: Human Rights Commission EN (FR, PT)
International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, IDEA: Quota Project EN
Good Practice Collection: Focus InternationalEN
Portal para a PT
GenderKompetenzZentrum„ - Gender Research → 2010; Gender Queer HU, DE

Manuais / Guiões & IEC

Manual Handbooks Manuals, Handbooks, Guides

Titulo titleFonte, Data, Língua
source, lang/date
Guidelines for Gender Budgeting in Development Cooperation: A Selection of Tools and Approaches, GIZ/BMZ, 2017, EN
Tools and tactics for the LGBTI community in Sub-Saharan Africa security in-a-box, EN
Toolbox: Promoting equal participation in sustainable economic development” Toolbox, GIZ/BMZ, 2015, EN
Guidelines: Integrating HIV and Gender-Related Issues into Environmental Assessment in Eastern and Southern AfricaUNDP, 2012, EN
Cross-Cutting Themes in FIDA’S Development Cooperation - Mainstreaming Guidelines FIDA, 2011-2014, EN
Kit Pedagógico sobre género e juventudeEN
credit: caaloba, www.devianart.netUsar símbolos ♀ ⚥ ⚤ ⚣ ☿ e/ou Emojis relativo à igualdade de género Uso de Simbolos, Emojis Maio 2016; Símbolos de Género
calendar 2018 for advocacy dates Calendário 2018 para actividades relativo a HIV & Género: versão PDF e jpg para reproduzir em tamanho A1 (ou mais pequeno) - este calendário apoia escolher datas comemorativas para realizar actividades de advocacia, sensibilização e outros mais GIZ, PT
Participatory MethodsEN
mais material IEC: FilmesPT, EN
Filme de testemunhas relativo a Género em Moçambique com entrevistas de parceiros e colegas GIZ/MOZ, 2016, PT
Sustainable Gender Equality - a film about gender mainstreaming in practiceSKL Jämställdhet, 3/2016, EN
Testemunhas - filmes: Womens independence through work7billionothers, EN, vários
Filme: Fugões melhorando a saúdeGIZ/EnDev, 2016, PT
Filme: Desafios da Inclusão Financeira nas zonas rurais em Moçambique GIZ/MZ, PT
Filme: Mulheres no transporte público (Brasil)PT
Filme: Mulheres e a Mudança Climatica PT
Filme: Testemunhas - Mudança Climatica e outros, várias ling.
Gender-Toolbox: Übungen, Gruppenspiele H.Böll-Stiftung, DE

Estratégias & Politicas

Politiken Strategies & Policies & Definitions

Titulo titleLíngua / Data lang/date
Agenda de Desenvolvimento de África - Agenda2063 & Sustainable Development Goals - Agenda2030 / SDG AU, UN; EN, FR, ES
African Union - União da África – „African Union Gender Strategy“ (Draft 2: 2018-2027), AU 2018, EN
German Diversity Charter, Factsheet Charta der Vielfalt; EN
CEDAW – Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women“ The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) is the body of independent experts that monitors implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women“ (PDF) Mozambique. OHCHR, EN
Gender Takes Centre Stage –„ at GIZ and in the Agenda 2030“ (GIZ, BMZ, UE)
pecisa-se senha DMSGIZ-DMS and GIZ Country-Genderstrategiespecisa-se senha DMS / Estrategias de Género
24/10/2016 + 2017, EN/DE (PT)
OECD/DAC- – The DAC Network on Gender Equality (GENDERNET) is a subsidiary body of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC): About the GenderNet„ (OECD) ongoing, EN
BMZ – Development Policy Action Plan on Gender Equality 2016 – 2020, Roadmap, (Entwicklungspolitischer Aktionsplan…)3/2016, EN/DE
Género nos Programas – GIZ corporate strategic evaluation USE, DMS) 2016, EN/DE
Das Menschenrechtskonzept des BMZ DE
Women´s empowerment and the link to sustainable development” of the 60th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, taken place 14 – 24 March 2016 3/2016, EN
ONU/UN Security Council Resolution 1325Women, Peace and Security EN
UN Women - Gender Mainstreaming EN
WHO/OMS: What do we mean by “sex” and “gender”? EN
European Union - Strategy for equality between women and men; Legislation/ Directives EN
Estratégia de Género na Função Pública 2009-2013 em Moçambique 2009, PT
UNECA: Recent Trends in National Mechanisms for Gender Equality in Africa 2011?, PT
Estratégia de Género no sector da Educação em Moçambique 2016-2019 (MINEDH) 2016, PT
Género na SADC EN
Violence against women - Intimate partner and sexual violence against women WHO / OMS, 01/2016
Entre a denúncia e o silêncio. (2009-2015); Análise da aplicação da Lei contra a Violência Doméstica: WLSA - Constrangimentos Institucionais e Culturais a experiencia dos tribunais.WLSA, 2016, PT

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